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Underwater Light Systems

How Underwater Lights Work.

Create a Backyard Aquarium

Many people ask us how fish lights work, and it’s very simply!


Our bulbs reflect off small particles and microorganisms in the water to bring in baitfish.


Larger predator fish like snook, tarpon, and redfish are attracted to the new food source that is full of baitfish!


No matter where you are located, these lights will attract fish! Each different location has the potential to bring in different species of marine life!


Enjoy your own Backyard Aquarium

Our Underwater Lights create what we like to call a “Backyard Aquarium”. Our systems simply enhance the natural food source in the waterway, we can guarantee you’ll see fish!

All of our dock light systems have photocells that automatically turn the system on every night at dusk and off every morning at dawn. The continued nightly use will create a feeding cycle for the fish, to keep the fish coming back every night!

We guarantee that you will see fish or your money back! As an American family-owned business, we stand by our product. Therefore, every customer gets a 60-night money-back guarantee along with a three-year manufacturer warranty with their system purchase!

Above all, we strive for excellent customer service. So, if you ever have more questions, certainly feel free to give us a call at 941-725-REEF(7333)


The Perfect Addition To Any Dock

These systems are perfect for anyone looking for a beautiful accent to their dock.

These systems attract fish by reflecting off microorganisms in the water. These reflections attract baitfish, which in turn attract predator fish like snook, tarpon, redfish, bass, and many more!

All of our dock systems also come with our three-year manufacturer warranty that covers any defects for three full years! We also have a 60-night money-back guarantee, so if you’re loved one would like to return or exchange their gift, they are able to do so for 60 days!


What You Need To Know – Underwater Docklights

If you’re shopping for underwater lights, you might be starting to get overwhelmed with the options available. When we started building lights, customers had the option between us, and one or two overpriced competitors. Over the past few years, these lights have become wildly popular, and that has encouraged a slew of individuals to attempt to cash in on the trend.

5 Things to Consider When Shopping For Underwater Lights

  1. Questionable Competitors & “Cheap Units”
  2. Covered Fishing Light Bulb System Drawbacks
  3. What About Underwater Fishing Light Bulb Lumens?
  4. A Note About Customer Service
  5. Floating vs. Sinking Fishing Light Systems
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